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Kitchen Backsplashes by Design

Designed Offsite - Install in a Day!


Kitchen Backsplashes by Design

Kitchen Backsplashes in one DAY!

Kitchen Backsplashes by Design is the only company providing the pre-cut kitchen backsplash system.  Our pre-cut system was invented by Debra Trick over twenty years ago during a snow storm.  We believe a kitchen remodel without a backsplash is simply incomplete.  

Visit our gallery for kitchen backsplash ideas.  Adding glass, ceramic and stone tiles adds beauty to your kitchen while protecting your wall and bar areas.   Our slogan for our pre-cut backsplash system is No Mess | No Noise | No Wet Saw is sight.  No need to worry about the tile setter spending days inside your kitchen with our system.


What is the One Day Kitchen Backsplash System?

Its a system where the kitchen backsplash is already designed and cut prior to installation.

How does it work?

A template is taken of your kitchen backsplash area first, than the design and cuts creating your kitchen  backsplash are all done offsite.

Why would you want to cut and design the kitchen backsplash offsite?

We know the kitchen is a busy area of your home.  The last thing anyone wants is a tile setter in the kitchen making a mess, running wet saws outside and guessing the layout.  Our process takes about two to three hours to template first.  The design layout  is designed and cut offsite allowing you to enjoy your kitchen while your kitchen backsplash is being prepared off-site.  Our process frees up the kitchen and allows the design to be shifted around, making it a perfect fit and design.


Currently our kitchen backsplash system is offered to home owners and vacation rental owners located in the Panhandle area of Florida and  the surrounding areas of Cincinnati, Ohio.   

How Is the kitchen backsplash installed?

One piece at a time like a  jigsaw puzzle.