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Kitchen Backsplashes by Design

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Where it all begin.  It all started back in second grade.  My teacher came in one day and said we were going to create a mural of Wright Patterson Air Force Base's hanger.  We were going to be making it out of hard tiles.  I was hooked!

I have been building residential homes, remodeling bathrooms, floors and designing kitchen back splashes ever since. I am a natural on a construction site.  My passion of building residential and remodeling homes runs deep and comes natural.

In 2007 I closed my remodeling business in Ohio and moved to Destin, Florida where I opened Destin Housekeeping Services, LLC.  I specialize in vacation rentals and deep cleans.  The housekeeping business keeps me pretty busy in peak season but I still manage to  take on one or two tile jobs a month during peak season.

Off season frees me up to taking on more tile projects.  Because I am in so many vacation rentals every year, I see the need for experienced residential contractors everyday.  I hear the horror stories from owners all the time.

When I take on a project its #1 until its finished.  I like to start right and stay right with everything I do.  My kitchen back splashes are all cut off site.  I invented this process back in Ohio when I was running DLT-Tile and Home Services.  

Cutting and designing kitchen back splashes in weather 5 below was just not an option for me.  So because I am such a problem solver I came up with the pre-cut kitchen back splash system.  I template the area being tiled.  Than I return to my shop to design and cut all tiles offsite.  It just so happens the process works out great for busy vacation rentals also.

When I come back in to install the kitchen back splash its already designed and cut.  I do install one tile at a time.  This is not placed on a board and than installed.  This process works great for all kitchen back splashes and under bar areas.

Still to this day nothing dresses a kitchen like a beautiful kitchen back splash.  When I am pre-cutting and designing off site from my template,  I can shift the entire design around which can not be done when installing on the fly.  Ever wonder why the tile installer finished up with a 1/2 inch tile?  Once the first tile is set all other tiles follow suit.  

Experienced renovation contractor in Destin, Florida.

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Mission statement:  Tiles by Mrs Debra's mission is to provide the highest-quality workmanship possible.  Commitment to a solid work ethic, and my passion for staying current with the newest innovations of our industry.

Company policies fulfill project with integrity and respect toward customers while presenting a professional appearance.  

Tile by Mrs Debra

Tile by Mrs Debra